Sunday, 31 January 2016

Book Review: White Horse by Alex Adams

I have been reading avidly later. I have struggled to read because I have been so busy and I have had so much on my mind.
I can read anything but my favourite genre is supernatural/sci-fi.
This book is quite something else. It has the now and then set up with frequent jumps back in time. I think as reading it you can sort of see the direction it is going but you there are quite a few suprises and twists. I absolutely marvel at the strength of the main character. She has an unreal and unwavering loyalty for people. As all of the world has gone to hell and she is emotionally fragile, it is amazing that is written so well.
It is quite a book but I don't enjoy the more gruesome factors. If you have an avid interest in sci-fi end of world genre, then you will love this.
This book is part of a trilogy so I will be reading the rest of the series - some of this is curiosity as I did find some of the detail hard to stomach.
Have you read this?
Rachael xox

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