Wednesday, 27 January 2016

B & M Haul!

Hi guys,

Picked up some absolute bargains at B&M today. Haven't been in in a while - ours in Hartlepool has been having a lot of building work around it but as we were nearby we thought we would have a quick pop in.

First, I picked up some Rimmel makeup. Rimmel is one of my favourite makeup brands as I find the products longlasting and they are so affordable as well.
I bought the long lasting foundation on nude which is a 25 hour product. I have used this previously so this is a repeat purchase. I wouldn't say I got 25 hours from it as I wouldn't have makeup on for that long but it is a quality product. Bought for 3.99.

I also got the rimmel BB cream which I haven't tried before. Bought for 1.99. I also bought the matte apocalips in atomic rose which as you can see from the photo is very pigmented. Bought for only 1.99. I love the matte feel to it so I will post a product review when I use it.
I like to buy makeup products from here. Although sometimes it is discontinued products, they come packaged well in a box meaning they don't get sampled by everyone either.

I also picked up these two cute hanging signs. I adore the glitter one and the no place like home was in the clearance for only 1.00! I am going to pack them away for when we move.
I also bought the Venus Gillette snap razor. It comes with 5 extra blades at only 4.99. I have been wanting to try this for a while so will post individual review once tried.


Rachael xox

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