Sunday, 31 January 2016

Book Review: White Horse by Alex Adams

I have been reading avidly later. I have struggled to read because I have been so busy and I have had so much on my mind.
I can read anything but my favourite genre is supernatural/sci-fi.
This book is quite something else. It has the now and then set up with frequent jumps back in time. I think as reading it you can sort of see the direction it is going but you there are quite a few suprises and twists. I absolutely marvel at the strength of the main character. She has an unreal and unwavering loyalty for people. As all of the world has gone to hell and she is emotionally fragile, it is amazing that is written so well.
It is quite a book but I don't enjoy the more gruesome factors. If you have an avid interest in sci-fi end of world genre, then you will love this.
This book is part of a trilogy so I will be reading the rest of the series - some of this is curiosity as I did find some of the detail hard to stomach.
Have you read this?
Rachael xox

Friday, 29 January 2016


I adore nothing more than a Netflix and snuggle blanket session on a rainy day. I have been avidly watching all sorts of boxsets and cannot decide which to watch next.
I will pop some reviews on shortly of the ones I have watched so far but I wanted to share my bargain buy today! The first five series (series 1 in dvd player) of One Tree Hill - only 9.50 altogether. Bought from Cex which is an entertainment exchange. They also have brill services online too.
Which boxsets have you been watching lately??
Rachael xox

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

B & M Haul!

Hi guys,

Picked up some absolute bargains at B&M today. Haven't been in in a while - ours in Hartlepool has been having a lot of building work around it but as we were nearby we thought we would have a quick pop in.

First, I picked up some Rimmel makeup. Rimmel is one of my favourite makeup brands as I find the products longlasting and they are so affordable as well.
I bought the long lasting foundation on nude which is a 25 hour product. I have used this previously so this is a repeat purchase. I wouldn't say I got 25 hours from it as I wouldn't have makeup on for that long but it is a quality product. Bought for 3.99.

I also got the rimmel BB cream which I haven't tried before. Bought for 1.99. I also bought the matte apocalips in atomic rose which as you can see from the photo is very pigmented. Bought for only 1.99. I love the matte feel to it so I will post a product review when I use it.
I like to buy makeup products from here. Although sometimes it is discontinued products, they come packaged well in a box meaning they don't get sampled by everyone either.

I also picked up these two cute hanging signs. I adore the glitter one and the no place like home was in the clearance for only 1.00! I am going to pack them away for when we move.
I also bought the Venus Gillette snap razor. It comes with 5 extra blades at only 4.99. I have been wanting to try this for a while so will post individual review once tried.


Rachael xox

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January favourites ...

Hi all,
I wanted to share with you what I have been loving in January. These are the items that I have frequently used during the past few weeks!!

1. My Despicable Me fluffy unicorn slippers

2. Wickford and co white sands candle - only 49p from Home Bargains

3. My oversized green jumper from Primark. I live in this every Sunday. They still have these in and were about 12.00.

4. My bag for life! This was a christmas present from my best friend. "She believed she could, so she did." I adore it. It also has my name on. It was handmade from someone on FB.

5. My pink glittery cup with a straw. Do i need to go on? Seriously though. I have never used a cup as much. It was a christmas pressie from my sister. Primark, £2.00.

6. Owl PJ hoodie. My hubby bought me this for christmas and most nights after work I wear it instead of a dressing gown. It is so warm and comfortable. I also have it in Bunny! 

What have you been overusing in January??

Rachael xox

Monday, 25 January 2016

Gillette Venus Snap Razor

So as promised, I have reviewed this product.
It is not very often that I get giddily excited about a razor, however, I love this product. Not only does it the tiniest little thing, it touches the skin extremely lightly.
I have used this both wet and dry (i know!)  and it was amazing. My legs are so smooth. I am going to buy more of these. Even Chris said WOW when I made him feel them.
I am so heavy handed with a razor and usually emerge from the bath shredded and I literally couldn't hurt myself with this - not that I tried.
So if you were thinking of trying it, then I definitely would.

See you soon,
Rachael xox.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Poundland Haul ...

Hi all,
Had a quick pop in to poundland today for some little bits and bobs for a London trip I have coming up - more in another post. I got the True Whit by Whitney Port book. This is a style guide by Whitney Port from The Hills and The City and it was on my list of books to buy. Only £1, obv.
I also bought a Minions air freshener for the car. It had minion speak instead of english for the name of the scent but it smells like raspberry.
I then picked up a packet of Bic pens. I have a London and Edinburgh trip booked and fingers crossed will be making a trip to Manchester too so plenty to write about. When I go away, i like to use the train journey time to write and these pens are my favourite to write with.
The lip balms and gel cushions are for a little pack that I have made up for everyone for the weekend! How exciting.
All bargains - I probably could have bought a lot more in there but hubby was present. (He isn't a shopper).
Speak soon,
Rachael xox.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Shabby chic birdies ...

So I am hopefully moving shortly and so have been looking for little bits and bobs for when we move. I have already replaced bedding, cutlery and mugs but today in Home Bargains I just could not resist these absolutely gorgeous teeny bird salt and pepper shakers! Stunning.
They were only 1.99.
What bargains have you had for your home??
Rachael xox

Friday, 22 January 2016

Glade Wax Melts Holder


I just had to review this product. I always have candles burning in the house and especially now we are selling, I always have something on. I have been using my melt burner (the type with tealight), but I discovered this product in Wilko and it is amazing.

This wax melt burner is electric so you can turn it on whenever you need to. They are £12.00 from Wilko - I even bought my mum and friend this for christmas - they are always burning these. 

They are available in both black and white. The white is beautiful and fits in really well with my decor. The black version is currently on sale and is only £6.50, it is sold out online but you should be able to grab them instore.

You can pick up the Glade Wax melts packs but I use my yankee candle wax tarts too. If you have a local store that sells the BOMB cosmetics, they also have tiny teeny melts that you can buy pick and mix style.

Happy Home Fragrancing,

Rachael xox

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Make up in the morning ...


I thought I would share my morning makeup routine with you. My make up brushes currently are some from the premium range at Wilko available here.

I always cleanse and moisturise my face and then get ready while I am allowing the moisturiser to sink in. 

Powder - Collection sheer loose powder - similar version
Bronzer - MUA mosaic bronzer - similar version
Blush - elf mineral blush - no longer available, pressed version here
Eyebrow pencil - MUA eyebrow pencil
Lipstick - MUA in nude

Let me know if you would like individual product reviews!

Rachael xox

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wardrobe declutter!


So it's that time of year when the weather is too horrid to leave the house but you're overwhelmed with STUFF after christmas.
So today I decided to have a total resort of my wardrobe, list up some ebay stuff and sort out a bag for my local charity shop.

1. Take everything out of your wardrobe and assess them one by one. I look at them and check them for damage/bobbles etc. I try them on in front a full length mirror. When i do this, I make sure I have hair scraped back and no makeup.
The reason I do this is because the biggest reason that I don't wear a lot of my clothes, its because I gravitate towards the items I feel comfortable with. If i look at my worst and I like what it looks like, then its a winner.

2. I have a charity pile, an ebay pile and a bag of stuff that doesn't fit but I like.
The stuff that doesn't fit but I like, I keep hold of for so long. Especially as I am on my slimmingworld journey, I make sure I do keep hold of them. If i don't slim into them, they go.
My ebay pile is the good brands - Next, Topshop etc. This money then sits in my paypal account and I use it to buy some more items to actually fit in the wardrobe.

My charity pile is the good condition stuff that I don't want but won't sell well on ebay. I always send to British Heart Foundation as I used to work for them and know the amazing work they do. I have the driver on speed dial. However, if i know i am going to a specific shopping centre, I often look for a Sue Ryder too.

3. I then out all of my items back into the wardrobe and arrange it all neatly and tidily. I then feel amazing as it looks good and I know I can go to that wardrobe every day without thinking twice that something doesn't fit or won't look good. My wardrobe set up is the Ikea Algot system which is amazing.

4. I then try and piece some outfits together. I use the website style fruits to look for specific events and end up putting together outfits that I wouldn't have before. For example, teaming a longline jumper (i usually wear with cotton  leggings every day) with leather look leggings and ankle boots.
I also use this to make a list of items I then need to go and buy to create more wardrobe choices.

PS. If you end up with loads of empty hangers, bag them up and store them in the loft - you may find yourself topping up your wardrobe again.

How do you sort yours?

See you soon,
Rachael xox.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions ...


So I make new year's resolutions every single year, but this year they are going to stick! I have delayed the sharing of them as I didn't want to jinx myself - but I feel pretty confident that I am well away with them now!

1. Be thrifty

Okay, so I am not talking about making my own clothes and spending all my life at carboot sales (although I do love a booty), but I am going to clear all outstanding debts and start a savings account for a rainy day. I am also going to cut back on the stupid little things I buy and actually ask myself if I need it or will I wear it?! I have already had a massive clear out of my wardrobe and ebayed the items that I haven't worn in the past few years. I will admit that I have struggled in actually doing anything that involves money so I don't just splurge but I have planned for tomorrow a lovely little day out, lunch and a spot of shopping - I just won't go wild! I have completely stopped buying clothes at the moment (okay well not completely!) - I am waiting until number 2 is completed!

2. Be healthy

Ha. How many of us have said this every single year - we'll start Monday. Every week these words come out of my mouth. It isn't just about eating right, its the whole lifestyle change for me. I think I lost myself a little when i got fat - to be blunt! I joined Slimming World just before Christmas and managed to lose half a stone, which then set me on the right track - I will be popping some pics on of my fave slimming world meals. I will be sharing my journey with you also as I try and rediscover my sense of style!

3. Write!

Whether it be a novel, a blog or a diary entry, I am 100% going to be writing as much as I possibly can. I adore writing and definitely need to be doing it more and more.

So that in short is 2016 for me. I look forward to sharing more and more adventures with you all!

Rachael xox

Monday, 18 January 2016

Glam guide book review - How to walk in high heels

Hi all,
I have been reading this book recently and I adore it. How to walk in high heels by Camilla Morton is a self help glam guide written in the most humorous tone.
This is a complete How To guide for the glam girl. With sections such as 'how to change a lightbulb' and 'how to pack for a holiday', it is an amazing read.
Although some of the sections are probably not useful, I found the packing, cosmetics and wardrobe sections informative also.
With extra tips from celebrities and top fashionistas, add it to the basket on amazon!

See you soon,
Rachael xox.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday lunch ...


My hubby and I love a Sunday lunch but we both prefer homemade!! We have our fair share of pubs in Hartlepool but we decided to try the Jackson's Wharf pub that has beautiful views over the Marina if you can get seated at the right table.

They are a Marston's pub so you know the menu is going to be okay - its nothing amazing. Standard pub fayre. However, you can always guarantee a lovely atmosphere and a decent meal.

Their menu is two for one so don't go if you have an odd number unless you go thirds on the total price (or would eat two meals!)

So today I decided to go for the BBQ chicken burger and Chris had the Bacon and Brie burger.

Although I am on Slimming World, I still try to enjoy my weekend and so just skip on dessert!



As part of my thrify spending I have been checking out Mr Martin Lewis and his money saving expert tips. I then stumbled onto a #shoeaholics website, here. It is a discount designer outlet, just for shoes.

This is an absolute find for anybody who likes a bit of designer footwear (ahem, me!) and doesn't want to pay those ridiculous prices.  See below for the investment pieces I am adding to my wardrobe.

Luckily for you, there is also an extra little discount if you purchase a pair today!! Enter the code EVERYTHING20 at checkout for extra discounts - courtesy of MSE!

Some of the brands included on the site are Ugg, Marc Jacobs and Kurt Geiger!
Camya 2 - Nine West - £23.00
Royalli2 - Nine West - £31.00
Alex - Carvela Kurt Geiger - £31.00

Window - Carvela by Kurt Geiger - £39.00
Happy shopping, 

Rachael xox

Sunday, 3 January 2016

A little bit of me time ...


I am very under the weather today - feeling achy, tired and feel the flu symptoms coming!! Definitely a day for me time!

My poorly pile...

1. Adult colouring book and pencils
2. Writing magazines - i will write a book this year
3. Interior magazines - i rip pieces out for inspo
4. Supernatural genre book
5. Liberty notebook and pen - for my 2016 plans

Plus paracetamol and a can of coke! (And a little bit of buffy on netflix)

What does your poorly day look like??

Rachael xox