Sunday, 28 June 2015

Film Review: Love, Rosie

Hi guys, 

As previously mentioned, I love reading books and watching films. I thought I would do a film review that is part book review as it is an adaptation. 

The plot centres around Rosie and Alex who have been best friends since they were small. Similar to One Day in premise, it is a film of hit and misses. When one is available, the other one is taken and so on. The film follows them largely through from the age of 18 until 30. While Alex has went off to Boston to study and to then graduate and become something in the medical profession, Rosie gets pregnant after a high school dance and becomes a cleaner in a local hotel. 

I loved the film but I felt like I needed more. Once Alex went off to Boston, I felt like there wasn't enough information. His education and career was hardly mentioned at all. I also felt like they were too busy focusing on the actual relationship to not mention anything from real life. Lily Collins played a really good part as Rosie and provided a comedic role also but I found it hard to believe she was 30 and mother to a 12 year old. Maybe her Lancome affiliation has really worked (?). I also liked Sam Clafflin as it is one of the first films in which I actually liked the character he played. 

The book has obviously provided a basis for the film but the same as PS I Love You (cecelia ahern wrote this too), they changed places and missed some bits out.

Although critics have rated it really low and said it wasn't a very good film, if you are looking for a breezy hour and a half with a heartwarming film, then Love, Rosie is for you. Also, if you read the book, then you have to watch the movie, right?

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