Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New York Trip: Day Two


So day two in New York was equally as busy as day one. We were still in the previous day's clothing due to missing luggage but we coped!

So we took the subway down to south ferry. We got the red line from Times Square. We made our way to the battery park and got the ferry to statue of liberty first. If you want to see the pedestal or crown views then you must book first as there were none of these available on that day. Statue of Liberty is so impressive and it definitely needs to be top of the list for a visit. We ate at the restaurant on site and it was standard fare but pricey - may be worth taking some sort of picnic? You do need to go through security to get onto the ferry which is pretty much a standard procedure in most places within New York now. You then go over to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is the place where the immigrants landed decades ago when they wanted to go to live in America. A little bit excessive in the museum with a lot of modern day information too but the registry room is the highlight along with sample records of the paperwork used a long time ago. When you dock back at battery park, spend a little time looking around at the statues and information as well as watching the street dancers - very entertaining!

We then took a stroll up through the financial district to get to the 9/11 World trade site. We didn't go to the museum - a lot of people have told us that it is quite depressing. Obviously, we understand what happened but we chose to use any emotion at the fountains. Absolutely stunning and a fitting tribute to all of those that lost their lives. We didn't realise that the 102nd floor observatory was opened at the top of the World Trade No.1 building but we weren't aware of this prior to going! I also think it is a good idea to book ahead - it only opened in May. St Paul's cathedral is very nearby and is well worth a visit if you can spare the time. It is emotional but inspirational. It didn't suffer any damage during the 9/11 attacks.

After this, we decided to pop along to Century 21 which is nearby. It is a discount store, a little like TK Maxx in the UK but more organised! I picked up a Nine West and an Olivia and Joy bag and the hubby picked up a shirt and tie too. We probably could have spent a lot longer in here but I had severely blistered feet and we were both in need of rehydration. Just near St Pauls there was a small deli called Stage Door Delicatessen. We used the little pizza cafe and both got a slice and a drink. Just what we needed! We then got a taxi after a disastrous venture on the subway (we got the express train in both directions!). 

After a refresh, aftersun and a change of clothing, we made our way over to Ellen's Stardust diner. Ellen's was fab! It is basically a large amount of waiters and waitresses who spend their time singing whilst serving. All servers are currently trying to be on Broadway and a lot of them will definitely be on their way - it was amazing. Food was fab too!

Rachael xox

Monday, 29 June 2015

New York Trip: Day One


Day one in new york was slightly chaotic. We flew from Newcastle to JFK via Heathrow. As our transfer time in Heathrow was really short, when we arrived at JFK we got a text to say that our bags were not on our plane with us! We went to the BA claim desk and they gave us $100 dollars ($50 each) for essentials etc. and were assured that they would be delivered that same night. However, we didn't get them until the following evening which was very annoying but we were in New York so we quickly got over it.

I had planned the itinerary meticulously, using the different areas of New York as reference and there were several places we wanted to go and eat too so I made sure I factored those in.

When we freshened up and left our hotel, it was absolutely pouring down. We stayed at The Sheraton, Times Square. The hotel was lovely and apart from lax security and a teeny bathroom, it was a lovely place to stay. The plan for the evening was the public library, Grand Central station and the Empire State Building. We had decided that when we were going to the Empire State Building, we were going to eat at the heartland brewery which is beneath. Unfortunately, due to the rain, we decided to eat at a little place across the road from us; The Stage Coach Tavern. We both had a variation on a burger and it was gorgeous. It has a part glass roof at the front of the restaurant which was fab to sit underneath in the rain.

After this we made our way down past the public library and into Grand Central Terminal. This is a fab place to walk around just for the architecture but there is a food court underneath the main terminal that has EVERYTHING. There is also a small food market that has a vast selection of goods; cakes, deli, spices! Definitely high on the list.

After this, we went to the Empire State Building. It was fab and the views were amazing. The weather was a little foggy but the views were still immense. The Empire State was fab but I don't think its on the top of our list for future visits.

We then had a slow walk back up 5th avenue towards our hotel. We picked up some snacks and pop for the hotel room and then hit the sack (it had been a LONG day!).

Enjoy pics and please leave your best places in New York!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Film Review: Love, Rosie

Hi guys, 

As previously mentioned, I love reading books and watching films. I thought I would do a film review that is part book review as it is an adaptation. 

The plot centres around Rosie and Alex who have been best friends since they were small. Similar to One Day in premise, it is a film of hit and misses. When one is available, the other one is taken and so on. The film follows them largely through from the age of 18 until 30. While Alex has went off to Boston to study and to then graduate and become something in the medical profession, Rosie gets pregnant after a high school dance and becomes a cleaner in a local hotel. 

I loved the film but I felt like I needed more. Once Alex went off to Boston, I felt like there wasn't enough information. His education and career was hardly mentioned at all. I also felt like they were too busy focusing on the actual relationship to not mention anything from real life. Lily Collins played a really good part as Rosie and provided a comedic role also but I found it hard to believe she was 30 and mother to a 12 year old. Maybe her Lancome affiliation has really worked (?). I also liked Sam Clafflin as it is one of the first films in which I actually liked the character he played. 

The book has obviously provided a basis for the film but the same as PS I Love You (cecelia ahern wrote this too), they changed places and missed some bits out.

Although critics have rated it really low and said it wasn't a very good film, if you are looking for a breezy hour and a half with a heartwarming film, then Love, Rosie is for you. Also, if you read the book, then you have to watch the movie, right?

See you soon,

Rachael xox

Saturday, 27 June 2015

New York, New York

Hi everyone,

We are freshly back from New York and had THE best time. Although our bags were delayed by 24 hours leading to sunburn and blistered feet (yikes!), we still had such a good time. It was my second and my hubby's first time so we had to do all of the main touristy parts of the trip. I will put on a day by day itinerary as well as my New York shopping haul.

However, here are a few snaps in the meantime ...

Rachael xox

Friday, 26 June 2015

99p dress ... really?!

So, I love a bargain - but 99p for a dress? What?!

Well, omgfashion has reduced their £7.00 dress down to 99p which has caused a huge media upsurge as well as "sold out" status across all colours! Obviously, this is being used as a loss leader - and has created a lot of publicity for the brand. I had a quick flick through their website and found some lovely items - although a lot of them a little too tight fitting for my lumps and bumps!

At this time, all colour ways were sold out (grey, coral, black, pink) but they have said they may replenish, according to sources so well worth a double check online soon?

Rachael xox

Boots Haul!

So I have been trying not to spend any money, but I knew I needed to buy more replacement products and I wanted to curb my spending a little, so instead of being lulled into buying more into the shop, I went online. Click and collect is everywhere now, so it was easy for me to choose my products.

Sure deoderant
Nivea oil free moisturiser
Johnson's baby wipes
V05 plump it up backcomb spray
Boots Botanics Daily Wash Mousse
Witch Hazel Blemish Stick
Clean and Clear energising daily wash
Exfoliating facial sponge
Rimmel Retroglam mascara
Rimmel Foundation

Boots have triple points on often too, so get yourself online and take advantage!

Rachael xox

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Blackpool wanderings ...

Hi everyone,

Just an update from my Blackpool trip in May. Tracy had a fab 50th birthday weekend and the group of 7 we went with all had the best time too. Here are a few weekend snaps, didn't take too many on this trip as was a busy one! We had the best train journey, getting mixed up with a stag do en route. We arrived in Blackpool and did some shopping (their Primark is huge!) and ended up in the Coral Island casino for a few hours to kill some time until we could check in at the travel lodge! After a few cokes to sober myself up (ten bottles of Asti between six of us on a four hour AM train journey), we went on to the travel lodge for check in. 

We chilled for a few hours in the room mainly because of the alcohol consumption but we unpacked a little and then headed back down to the travel lodge restaurant for burgers. Food in a travel lodge is quite basic but filling and affordable and to be honest, when it is raining, you don't really want to travel anywhere else. 

We also got a first glimpse at the new royal princess before heading out to the Funny girls show. We all had got changed and arranged for a minibus to take us there whilst waiting for Kate and William to arrive from the hospital! We were all definitely royalists on our trip.

Funny girls was definitely an experience for me. I knew it was going to be men in drag but other than that, my knowledge was pretty limited. We had paid for a private box, which was several chairs around a small table and we had our own private waitress, Chi Chi who was stunningly gorgeous! W were all very jealous of her hair, and her dress! There were also beautiful ladies serving behind the bar. Zoe came on, who is the main DJ in resident and has been for twenty one years. She was definitely a highlight of the evening and between DJing made us all laugh with comedic observations of the people in the club. In between songs and shout outs, there was a cabaret act. This was fab; I won't give too much away as I do think if you are anywhere near Blackpool, then you really need to go here but it was fab! They basically took on a lot of musicals including Sound of Music. Now, although I will never watch it in the same way ever again, it was hilarious. Stomach cramps all round from laughing! If it wasn't enough for the Funny Girls show to be hilarious, the people watching kept us going in between too!

After this complete hilarity of a weekend, we then decided to chill and shop on Sunday morning before heading home. I did like Blackpool, but probably not a place on the top of my list! Although, I do hear that Tim Burton is filming with Dame Judi Dench, Samuel L Jackson, Chris O'Dowd, Terence Stamp and Rupert Everett there at the minute so if you were thinking of going, then now is the time! We didn't see them but we did see the filming in progress signs and their trailers! 

See you soon everyone,

Rachael xox