Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Mourning Period ...

Hi everyone,

So today I am feeling a little sad. Today is the day that my favourite pair of shoes have shrivelled, worn away and died. I have owned these shoes for the last 7 years. They were a beautiful pair of black gladiator style heels and I wore them with very pretty dresses to give them a bit of edge for all of those 7 years - think SJP style. I adored these shoes. Don't get me wrong, they had an excellent innings as I only paid around £30.00 for them from New Look - but why I am extra sad is that I now have a situation.

Do I establish a mourning period where I respect the loss of shoe and wear something a little less edgy until the guilty feeling goes away? Or, do I (like most normal people) just embrace the opportunity to purchase more?

Well, I have decided to have a look around and I must say, I am not totally impressed with the choice available to me. In fact, most styles now are the heavy clunky types that my ankles and I just do not look good in. So, I decided to check out Ebay.

Ebay have a lot of sellers who sell items brand new with a buy it now price and with the safety of paypal, you are often getting a bargain, quickly and efficiently.

I will link below for these beautiful shoes but they are just so amazing that all of my shoe guilt disappeared and I ordered them in black AND red, whoops! I cannot wait for the arrival of these shoes but I just hope they are as comfy and sexy as the poor soles (get it?!) laid at the bottom of my charity bag*.

Thanks guys,

see you soon,

Rachael xox

Shoes are available from: work4best x

*I don't make a habit of putting wrecked, dirty or stained items in a main charity bag, but I do pop them into a separate bag and label them as "rag". The charity shops get a lot of money for these bags as they weigh them in. x

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