Friday, 2 May 2014

Chick Flick Review: Sixteen Candles

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So the next film is Sixteen Candles. This is a bit of an "oldie", released in 1984. 

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Molly Ringwald established herself as the teen queen of the '80s in this fresh comedy. The movie is a day in the life of Samantha, whose 16th birthday is turning out to be anything but sweet. All the traumas of teendom come down on one long day, which sees Samantha surrounded by dithery relatives, mooning over a high school hunk, and pursued by a sawed-off Lothario. Sixteen Candles marked the directing debut of John Hughes, and its goofy energy displayed a promising talent with a great ear for high school lingo ... a promise neglected since Hughes became, after Home Alone, a one-man entertainment industry. There are some pretty crass moments (Why the stereotype of the foreign-exchange student from Asia?), but Ringwald's steady appeal smoothes over the rough spots. As the pubescent, self-styled lady-killer, Anthony Michael Hall turns in a hilarious portrait of a young swinger; he and Ringwald would reteam with Hughes for The Breakfast Club, another key teen picture of the decade. --Robert Horton

I once watched this film because they made reference to it in One Tree Hill as "the best coming of age film". Well, as a person who "came of age" in the noughties, I don't really relate to it in that way. However, what you do have is a film about a girl who is forgotten about on her 16th birthday because her parents have so much on their mind with their other daughter getting married the next day. Add in a love interest, an infatuated young teen stalker and a strange but not necessary foreign exchange student and you do get a good film, and I mean good, not great. I think it is Samantha's character that rescues the film from some strange scenes. Also, the love story is a little hard to follow considering she never says much to the guy who she "loves and is saving herself for". It is worth a watch, let me know what you think!

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