Thursday, 1 May 2014

Chick Flick Review: Crossroads

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So the next chick flick movie to review is Crossroads. 

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Product Description

Britney Spears appears in her first major film role in this tale of three teenage friends on a road trip to Los Angeles. Mimi (Taryn Manning) aims to enter a talent competition and win a recording contract, Lucy (Spears) wants to visit her mother in Arizona, and Kit (Zoe Saldana) hopes to see her boyfriend at UCLA; so after they graduate from high school, the three of them set out on the road together. Along the way, the three old friends discover more about themselves, about each other, and their plans and hopes for the future.

So, this film is very cheesy. You know those Sundays when you are so hungover you could die so you just curl up on the sofa in the duvet and watch a film where you don't need to do any brow frowning or heavy thinking .. well this is the perfect movie for that. Britney plays the part of Lucy who has two childhood friends who she has drifted apart from. We meet up with them on graduation night when her friend Mimi says she wants to go off to do a singing competition. They end up on the road where they end up driving with a hot chauffeur with pit stops to fix the car, stare at the stars and visit Lucy's mum who abandoned her as a young child. It is funny, very girly and soo cheesy it's good. I first watched this film when Britney Spears was in her prime and watched it again recently. I like it because I'm a sucker for anything with a bit of romance and a bit of singing. Basically, I like films with a bit of fluff!
Anyone else love Crossroads?

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