Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chick Flick Review: Crazy Beautiful

Hi guys,

So the next film is Crazy/Beautiful. I have had this on DVD for a while but I watched it last week for the first time. 

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Product Description

Carlos (Jay Hernandez) is a poor Los Angeles high school student who has worked hard, attained consistently good grades, and now intends to apply for Naval Academy. When he meets and begins dating messed-up rich girl Nicole (Kirsten Dunst), he is surprised to discover that her father is Congressman Tom Oakley (Bruce Davison), one of the men to whom he has applied seeking sponsorship for the Academy. Tom takes an instant liking to Carlos, but is worried that his involvement with Nicole might distract him from attaining his goals and says that the relationship must end in order for the sponsorship to be agreed. Carlos now has to choose between being with the girl he loves or following the dream his family have long nurtured for him.

I loved this film. I am a sucker for a love story, as previously mentioned.  This film is brilliant. It follows the story of Nicole, played by Kirsten Dunst who suffers with mental issues and is in constant trouble with her father who is a Congressman. She meets Carlos and they begin a relationship, with Nicole's mental illness is continuously being a threat to his good grades and possible sponsorship to the academy. This film is very touching and compelling and I love the storyline. The only problem with this film is the constant grunge of Kirsten Dunsts' character; bras are nonexistant!

Rachael xox

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