Sunday, 4 May 2014

Body Spray Collection ...

Hi guys,

So today I am going to talk about my body spray collection. It is not very big as I usually just wear deodorant and perfume. However, these are the body sprays I use regularly.

Soap & Glory Flirtigo

I like impulse because I used it all the time as a teenager and it takes me back but also because it just freshens you up. My favourite is romantic spark (pictured) because it has a floral fragrance. However, my favourites EVER are the Soap and Glory body sprays. They smell as good as the rest of the Soap & Glory, but the smell stays with you all day. They are lovely. They are also light wearing, they do literally "mist" you. I wear Mist you Madly more than Flirtigo which is why I have the small version for my handbag too. The Flirtigo is now discontinued from Boots, but you can pick it up on Ebay. 

See you soon,

Rachael xox

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