Wednesday, 7 May 2014

April Empties ...

Hi guys,

So this is the first of my "empties" post. I have a seen a lot of people do these posts and I decided to do because I find it interesting to actually see what I use. Excuse the weird looking thumb, I couldn't photograph without the Herbal Essences falling over!

I have reviewed this product before. Not a fan, it didn't really clean my hair very well, although the conditioner did soften my hair. The colour was maintained well and looked shinier after each wash. I think it preserved my colour instead of doing the actual job of shampoo.

I love the smell of this, although it wasn't very strong. I think this combined with the other herbal essences shampoo and conditioner have put me off Herbal Essences for life - unless there are any others out there that I just haven't seen. I have don't think it strengthened my hair at all although the shampoo worked.

Lovely mask, only 99p too which is a bargain. As a general rule, I don't generally use the peel off masks as I find them too difficult to remove, but this one seemed to do the job and left my face less blemished. I have repurchased these and I have a few in my stockpile for future use.

Gorgeous smell. It has seaweed and caffeine in it which is supposed to have firming properties. I feel like it improved my skin and skin tone, if this is what it means my firming. It didn't do anything for any skin blemishes on my body though. Won't repurchase, although I love Garnier.

I have these wipes in a massive stockpile. They're 75p a pack and usually on 3 for 2. I love the fragrance, I love how well they clean and I love how well they clean my skin. Although I do have to use cleanser after. They are great for a morning refresh though.

Rimmel Recover Foundation in Ivory

This used to be amazing for my skin. It would be all I needed and then on I go with my day. I would just use this after a night out and hey presto, my skin would be fab. Only now, I just don't have any love for this product. But I think this is my face's fault. It has changed and I have got a little (LITTLE) older and I think this has made a difference. I now have oilier skin than I used to and more break outs than I would as a teenager. I think its work stress! I would recommend this if you are a fan of tinted moisturiser, because it is that light. However, if you have skin like me, it just isn't enough.

ELF Tinted Moisturiser

This isn't in here because it has been used. I bought this to try and I have never seen such a poor product. It made my face go a funny colour. Its consistency is watery and it is just a horrible product. So, it is going in the bin along with the empties. I will do a separate product review of this.

Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud

I used to always buy natural collection blush when I was a teenager. I repurchased it when I was getting married last year in Pink Cloud as I loved the subtle colour it provided as my cheeks are naturally blushed anyway. It is only £1.99 and all natural collection products are 3 for £5.00 too which is amazing. It is perfect also if you are thinking of getting a product for your teenager too as they are very light for teenage skin.

I have linked all of the items above .. mainly Boots but there are others too. 

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