Monday, 21 April 2014

Steal her style: Lauren Conrad

Hi guys,

So the first steal her style from The Hills is Lauren Conrad. Lauren's style is very simple, understated but it always looks so classy and well put together. I always find her style just stunning, yet it looks effortless. Her biggest style staple I would say is her Chanel handbags. The word I would use overall to describe her style is Polished!

So here is my pick of the bunch. Her look here is just so put together and seamless, but simple ..

1. Blouse - Matalan
2. Skirt - Topshop
3. Necklace - Topshop
4. Satchel - Missguided
5. Shoes - Missguided

So, there is my Lauren Conrad steal her style look .. if you wanted to do it top to toe too, a possible matching nail shade is below ...

Rimmel 60 seconds (Electric Blue)
See you next time guys xox


  1. Even tough I probably can't afford the actual style, I like your post :) Good description about her style, I probs would say the same about her style. It really is polished.

    1. Hi, yes it really is. I also think that you can do her look quite easily and cheaply at places like Primark, Matalan and Peacocks. Places like these won't break the bank. I think the things to remember about Lauren's style is that it is simple xx