Monday, 21 April 2014

Rita Ora Rimmel 60 seconds ...

Hi guys,

So, I went to Boots the other day with the sole purpose of purchasing some of the Rita Ora nude coloured nail polishes. Rita Ora has got a gorgeous nail polish range for Rimmel 60 Seconds and they all have really cool bedtime names!

The colours I picked up were Lose your Lingerie, Let's Get Nude and Pillow Talk. I just love the names. There are a lot of neon colours in the range but I have been trying to go pastel lately so I bought the lighter shades.

This shade is Pillow Talk. I love it. It is very thick and a bit gloopy, but I think it has to be this consistency to create such a pigmented colour. The colour is amazing and I got loads of compliments on it, people saying it is such a pretty colour. I just love it. I tried Let's Get Nude also since then (didn't take a photograph as it was on my toes yuk!) but I found that that one needed a lot of layers to create the same look as the fingernails. 

I would definitely recommend this polish and I will be wearing Lose your lingerie next so I will be popping a photo on too if I remember!

Also, if I forgot to mention that when I bought these they were only £3.69 from Boots and they were three for two! BARGAIN!

See you soon xox

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