Monday, 7 April 2014

Kitchen Makeover on a budget ...

Hi guys,

I have recently undergone a small update on my kitchen. We moved into a house a year ago and we have basically redecorated the entire house (except the hallway and landing area). However, the kitchen was fine but it just didn't feel like us. It is a beautiful kitchen and we don't want to do anything as we plan to do a big extension to get our dream kitchen in the next couple of years.

The biggest problem I had was the windows. I didn't really want curtains but they looked so bare and unloved as they had the wooden bar across the top that you would then pop your curtain rail in. It was okay on the smaller window (top picture) but to provide for the door and smaller window we would have to have an odd shaped curtain set. So, I popped to the range and I found this sewn, cushioned bunting. It is beautiful! I simply popped it on and while it doesn't look the best on the pictures, it has made the windows less stark and has introduced a bit of character.

Okay, so here are a few of the other accessories I have added to make the kitchen a little more "us" ...


Homemade Wedding Pressie



Jars Home Bargains, Owl Storage Pot Wilkinson

Essence Interiors and Style 

Charity Shop purchase

City Market, Beijing

Tins, Home bargains

Charity shop purchase

Charity shop purchase

Finally, my hubby decided that the kitchen was a little too girly and as we got a coffee machine for a wedding present (totally for him because I don't drink coffee AT ALL), I allowed him a "coffee corner".

Coffee canvas B&M
Love this kitchen now and I have definitely not spent a lot of money. I would say around £30.00 in total for this little update. Plenty of character in this kitchen now.

See you soon,

Rachael xox

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