Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chick Flick Review: Erin Brockovich

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So the next film to review is Erin Brockovich. This film is just amazing. I have watched this so many times and as I write this, I am sat watching it once again. I absolutely love Julia Roberts. I think her personality shines through whenever she is acting and she is just stunning. I have not seen a film with Julia Roberts in that I do not like!

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A lone woman, armed only with indomitable sass and her native wit, goes up against the corporate big boys and beats the bejesus out of them. As a story line it's hardly new, but Steven Soderbergh's film keeps it exhilaratingly fresh and lively--thanks not least to his lead actress. Seizing the role of the smart, mouthy, aggressively working-class Erin Brockovich with both hands, Julia Roberts gives it everything she's got and then some. She's well matched by Albert Finney as her grouchy but good-hearted boss and Aaron Eckhart as a sympathetic biker. The story's based--by all accounts fairly closely--on actual events, when the real Erin (who appears briefly in the film as a kindly waitress) brought a massive lawsuit against utilities giant Pacific Gas and Electric for spreading toxic pollution. Rather than confine the action to courtroom shenanigans, Soderbergh takes us out under Southern California's pitiless skies and along the dirt-poor roads where most of PG&E's blue-collar victims live, letting us feel the ground-down exhaustion of their lives. But though it's rooted in reality, the film's anything but solemn. The script's sharp and funny, full of unexpected twists; and Roberts, flaunting herself outrageously in an eye-popping array of push-up bras and micro-miniskirts, has never been better. --Philip Kemp

This film is based on a true story. It follows the story of Erin who is a single mother of three children and we meet her as she has a car accident and tries to sue the doctor who hit her. The lawyer who represents her says he won't lose, but she does. She then gets a job working with the lawyer, when she notices some strange anomalies in the paperwork when she is filing. We then follow her professional and personal life as she moves to solve the mystery of the Pacific Gas and Electric company and helps the families to achieve compensation for the health issues caused to them by toxic dumping in the water. I honestly cannot even tell you how good this film is. I love every minute of it and I watch it over and over again. It is one of those stories that you keep with you forever. The fight and the passion that Erin has for these total strangers make for amazing watching. I cannot tell you how important it is that everybody watches this film. It just might make everyone a little nicer to others.


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