Sunday, 20 April 2014

Boxset Review: Dark Angel

I love fantasy, Sci-Fi and all supernatural type books, TV series and films! I used to watch Dark Angel on TV in dribs and drabs when there was nothing else on and I kind of liked it but I didn't really follow the storyline. 

Recently, I found both series' in a charity shop and decided to give them a go. I loved it. 


So the story basically follows Max (Jessica Alba), who is 19 years old in a post-apocalyptic Seattle. It starts in the year 2019 and it follows Max as she tries to make her living as a courier and also as a genetically modified mutant. She was born in a test tube along with other "transgenics" at a government institution named Manticore with perfect DNA and trained to be the perfect soldiers.They escaped from Manticore. when they were just ten years old. In 2009, terrorist released an electromagnetic pulse above the USA, disabling all communications systems which results in what we see as the series starts in 2019. 

If I get the negatives out the way first, I thought the series dragged out a lot. I am very impatient and like to get to the bottom of things, so if you are like me you probably want to fast forward some of the slower parts. Also, watching Jessica Alba for hour after hour in black leather, makes you reach for the carrot sticks instead of the chocolate. A positive for me, but a negative for the hours you will spend in front of the mirror pouting trying to achieve her lips. Trust me, I've put the hours in!

What I love about Dark Angel, is that there are such strong characters in the entire series. You grow to appreciate the characters in their own way and even love some of them. Series 2 switched it up a bit, answering a lot of unanswered questions and introducing an even darker side to the whole genetics mutation and also the release of the transgenics on to society. You also get to see Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) looking a lot younger but still as buff. The last episode "Freak Nation" was epic, but it definitely left me wanting more, not a lot of TV series can do this for me. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after series 2, but I definitely recommend both series 1 and 2 for a great show. 

If you do watch it, and you love it as much as I do, they brought out books to follow up - I have found both on Amazon; Dark Angel: Skin Game and Dark Angel: After Dark.

Hope you enjoy,
Rachael xox

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