Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Stocking Fillers: Joy the store

So, I am going to find my best picks from stocking fillers over the next couple of weeks to show for Christmas pressies. I love the little stocking fillers you can pick up and I love even more to receive them. Especially when they are novelty items. 

I received a catalogue through a magazine, and it was for joy the store. I had a little peek through and there were a lot of stocking fillers that inspired me to do this post. Simply because they are amazing!

First I had a little look at the men's gifts..

1. Back to Skool Pen Holder £10.00
2. Egg Terminator £7.00
3. Moustache Money Box £7.50
4. Man Shed Box £15.00
5. Obsessive Chef Cleaning Board £20.00

I love these items and my partner would love them all. I particularly like the idea of the man shed box as I am sick of picking up random man stuff. I am sure there are a lot of you out there who would agree I think?

1. White Owl Cookie Jar £20.00
2. Fif-Tea Shades of Earl Grey Cup £7.50
3. Glass Ring Holder £5.00
4. Receipts Tin £7.00
5. Geisha Money Box £15.00

Hint for my family, I would love any of these. I love in particular the owl cookie jar as I love owls and I think the receipt tin is particularly genius, although I may require two. 

Check out the jewellery too for more inspiration! Gorgeous.

Fans of TV series Revenge will love these infinity earrings 

These Lulu Guinness inspired quirky earrings get my vote too *Hint Hint*

Check out the website, it is fabulous.

See you soon,

Rachael xox

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