Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday Film Review: World War Z

I have seen World War Z recently on dvd but when it came out at the cinema, I didn't really think it was my "cup of tea". I didn't really know what it was about except some that it was some sort of attack on humankind by something.

I bought it on DVD due to the fact my husband loves any action films and I suppose I will watch anything - except from horror. The fact that it stars Brad Pitt didn't deter me because I have seen him in a lot of films and he is genuinely an excellent actor and can portray any role extremely well and this film was not an exception.  

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Amazon's description:

"Product Description

United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) traverses the world in a race against time to stop the zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself."

Not a very full description but they do have their own review on there if you want to take a look. The film opens on a typical family morning but we learn that Gerry (played by Brad) has left his job to become a house husband and we can sort of tell from his interest in the news and conversation that his role was something to do with the government or military. They travel through New York to take the children to school when there is a lot of police presence in the street and then a massive disruption and complete havoc. In a jaw dropping scene, we are then introduced to the Z, which are humans which have turned into zombies and we see them turning others also. 
They are rescued after a turbulent drive into New Jersey only for Gerry to be dragged back into the UN which we learn he worked for. Enter the military and various different countries and we learn that this is a widespread virus, people are biting others yet we notice that some people are not affected. Hence, the ending of a possible cure via the world health organisation in cardiff and a horrific plane journey. 
I didn't know what to expect from this film before I watched it but I did enjoy it. I don't think its a repeat watch film as I noticed everything I was supposed to the first time round, but I do think that it is worth the watch, at least once. As I previously said, Brad Pitt is excellent in this role and the special effects and big scenes are definitely edge of the seat stuff. There are a lot of jumpy scenes but it is a lot more than your average zombie slasher.
See you soon,
Rachael xox

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