Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Primark Haul ...

I love shopping in Primark as you find on trend items for such small prices. I hate that you can't buy anything online but I bet it is impossible for them to have a server that would sell that much stock. 

 I got these nails because I do like to get acrylic or gel extensions so I thought I would try out these for the ball I am going to next week to be a bit more purse friendly. My auntie bought these for my hen weekend and they are fab.

 This bag is massive. I don't buy a lot of bags from Primark because they tend to snap on the handles simply because I put that much in them but I loved this one. Its like a dark navy colour and it matches my new navy coat (see an older post). I think it was something like £13.00. I did see that they had the red option in at £5.00 on special offer and I missed that one. I was going to buy it as a stocking filler for someone but you have to be quick in Primark.

 This dress hasn't photographed very well but it is lovely. It is black with silver flecks in and its quite woolly but thin. I plan on wearing it with my black wedge peep toes or my black gladiator heels for New Year's Eve. but we'll see.

This skater style dress was only £5.00. I don't know whether or not I have mentioned it before but I manage a charity shop and that job is not glamorous whatsoever and often I go home dusty and I am a spiller so I often have tea stains or something down me so £5.00 for a dress is brilliant for me. It is quite thin but I often wear a black cami underneath and usually with leggings too. I love it. 

I am off to Primark this weekend in a nearby town and it is huge so I am looking forward to having a good shop around in there.

See you soon,

Rachael xox

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