Sunday, 3 November 2013

Happy Halloween ...

Hi everyone.

So, my husband and I invited family and friends round our house as part of a housewarming/ viewing wedding pics and videos combined with fireworks and halloween celebrations. A bit of a mixed bag!

I normally go for the run of the mill costume. I am not a fan whatsoever of awful horrid costumes, I don't watch horror films and I leave all of the lights on in my house until I go to bed on a night because like a five year old, I am a afraid of the dark. I also didn't really have time to have a look for a costume because I work full time. I had a browse on Ebay and I found some fabulous costumes but one I really liked was Mrs Scissorhands.

I am assuming that anybody who reads this would have seen Edward Scissorhands which is fantastic so I purchased it.

On the day of the party, I was too busy tidying the house and making food preparation to even think about the rest of my costume so while I was having a bath I had a quick peek online and found some tutorial videos of how to do your makeup like Edward Scissorhands. I found a video by Emma Pickles which I did a bit of a copy of but I didn't have the fake skin makeup - as I said previously, I didn't have the preparation time to be honest. I looked elsewhere online and fashioned something out of pritt stick and concealer! This is me below with the costume and makeup with my cousin who was a cavewoman.

A lovely night was had by all, although I am suffering for it today!

Love Rachael xox

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