Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Garnier Pure Active ...

I have just made a repurchase of these and wanted to spread the word on it a little. They are the Garnier Pure Active gel wash and gel scrub with pomegranate.  I have been using these product probably for around a month and my face feels so clean after using it but I don't think it is doing anything for my blemishes as my skin is really prone to this. Therefore, I am currently testing out something new - will post more about this later.

However, my husband has decided to look after his skin a little more simply because he keeps breaking out in blemishes, particularly around his nose area. He has been using this along with me and he thinks it is fab. I love the products and they smell amazing too, but I feel like the cleanser cleans but the scrub just doesn't go deep enough into my face for me. So, although I recently repurchased at the recent points event at Boots, it was for my hubby. The best thing is, at Boots, these products have a third off at the moment too.

See you soon, 

Rachael xox

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