Monday, 4 November 2013

At Home Spa ...


Yesterday I was feeling a bit worse for wear after I had a halloween bash at my house so I decided I wanted to have a little pamper session. I used some of my new products and I thought I would have a little product review. I felt so much better after it!

So, the top picture is of two lemon candles that I picked up from a supermarket. I like lemon in the bathroom as they offer a crisp and clean smell. They are really subtle as I am not really a huge fan of citrus but they are just lovely. 

The second picture is of a Yankee Candle Sunlight on Snow, similar here and here.. My aunt bought me this as a housewarming gift and I just had to use it. The scent is very subtle at first and then it really does smell like sunlight on snow. I find that these two candles combined is just a very relaxing and crisp scent. 

I used V05 give me moisture treatment mask that I recently purchased from Boots. I have never before used a hair mask which I now find really strange. I have always had well conditioned hair - I don't even really use a lot of conditioner when I wash my hair but ever since I honeymooned in August this year in Mexico, I think my hair was quite damaged by the sun although I did use the Charles Worthington UV protection spray but I don't think I used enough. Anyway, I am rambling a bit. 

I had my hair cut with all the damaged ends trimmed off but I feel like my hair has not been the same since. I bought the V05 in an attempt to revitalise it a little and I was very surprised at it. 

When I use normal conditioner, I always make sure to use a little bit as my hair can often get quite oily and I find that conditioner worsens it. So back to V05, the smell is amazing. It is quite sweet, like candyfloss. I ran it through my hair and I could already feel it working. When I rinsed it off, my hair was extremely soft and I have noticed that today at work I have had frizz free hair all day. I could still smell it a bit too. Definitely a repeat purchase!!

After my bath, I decided to give my feet a little treat.I picked up this small pedicure ball from the pound shop for a test run. You can find another great product here. I like to try the pound shop products - after all, you may find something amazing for little amounts of money. I think for my feet however, I will stick to the premium products. 

After this I used Sanctuary Rescue Heel Balm. It is priced at £7.50 but I got it out of a Christmas gift set. I love this Sanctuary Heel Balm. It does the job, I pop on a pair of trainer socks and go off to bed and I wake up with refreshed feet. I only do this once a week because I am on my feet all day at work and I don't want to soften them up too much as I think I would suffer with them more!

All in all, I really enjoyed my mini spa bath experience and I definitely recovered!

Rachael xox

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