Sunday, 3 November 2013

A bit of interior decorating ...


My husband and I bought a house this year and we got married in August. Very busy year! So, because the photographer was coming round on the morning of the wedding, we wanted to make our house a bit more "us" and a bit more modern as it was an older lady that we bought it off. We were on a tight budget as previously mentioned, we had a lot going on. So, we decided that there were certain rooms we wanted to do first. I will pop a few more pictures on later on of other rooms that have been finished in the house. But first, I want to talk about my dining room.

The dining room was one room that we wanted to leave until after the wedding as we couldn't afford to fully furnish it at the time. However, when planning the hen weekends we didn't want the older relatives to miss out as we had a weekend planned away in Liverpool so I decided to hold an afternoon tea in my house but I wasn't comfortable having a lot of people round in its current half decorated state. We decided to decorate it and then leave it empty until after the honeymoon. The dining room is an extension that the previous owners built on the back in a garden room style so it is light and airy and it its decorated state, it provided a lovely backfround for wedding photographs too.

This was the original dining room from the listing pictures. The furniture was not there when we moved in but there were curtain boxes and old fashioned curtains with woodchip style wallpaper on the wall.

So we modernised, and after the wedding we were able to buy furniture and accessories and we created this ...

Various ornaments and other tableware - Already owned
Black Glasses - Bought from local charity shop

We are very happy with the result and have eaten at it only once - however my favourite part of the dining room is the salt and pepper shaker I keep on the table.

Ben De Lisi Bulldog Salt and Pepper Shakers from Debenhams

Hope you enjoy having a look ... I'll pop more on soon.

Rachael xox

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